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Let Me Be Me Ltd

Ferryside,  Carmarthenshire

Bespoke Domiciliary Care

Genuinely Bespoke, Person-Centered Care & Support at Home 

for a Wide Range of Adults, Including those with Complex Needs

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About Us


Let Me Be Me Ltd is a Community-Based Service, supplying Specialised Domicilary Care and Support Services within the West Wales Regional Partnership Board area (Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceridigion) with a particular focus on Carmarthenshire.  We commenced trading in April 2018 but our staff and management team have a wealth of prior experience within the Health and Social Care Sector.


We can support people aged 18 and over.  We specialise in providing care and support (up to 24 hours a day) to adults with complex needs, including complex health needs, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy, behaviours that may be regarded as challenging, people with communication difficulties and / or mental health issues and people who lack capacity under the Mental Capacity Act.


We have chosen to work in this highly specialised, niche area of Health and Social Care because this is where our passion and expertise lie.


We support our clients:

  • to be happy being themselves and to lead fulfilled, satisfying lives
  • to be as physically, mentally and emotionally healthy as possible
  • to be safe
  • to be involved in activities or hobbies which are of interest to them
  • to access education, learning or development opportunities - of a kind and at a level that the Individual enjoys
  • to have control and choice over their everyday lives - including the right to chose to have quiet days at home and the right to be tired or unwell in peace, without pressure to do things they cannot cope with on the day
  • to maintain their linguistic, cultural and / or religious identities
  • to maintain their family and personal relationships;  and
  • to develope their potential including learning and practising relevant life skills.

We can provide our clients with the full range of Domicilary Care and Support Services, depending upon their needs, with the aim of supporting each client to live as fulfilled and as happy a life as possible, whilst also promoting their independence and their right to choose.


One of the things that makes us different, and is central to our success, is our detailed focus on the minutiae of behaviours.  We note, review and analyse these almost daily and it enables us to spot trends and patterns which, in turn, can help us anticipate and therefore avoid or reduce potential difficulties.  This is especially valuable to non-verbal clients who can only express themselves through behaviours.

We work closely with the Individual's MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) - their Health Professionals, Therapists and Social Workers - and with their families or representatives as appropriate.